Label Owned Streaming Platforms Could be the Key to the Next Wave of Music Listening

Last week UMG decided to pull their music from the social media app Triller. For those who do not know, UMG claimed that Triller was willfully withholding payments from UMG artists. Evidently Triller was taking part in the accused behavior when a representative said that “[Triller] does not need a UMG license to host music on its service” which is inherently false.

Back in 2018 Triller had initially inked a deal in which UMG partnered and licensed their full catalog. No other details are known…

Quarantine living is not going to go away quite as quickly as initially thought. The music industry and more importantly the live events industry is in this for the long haul as many people are feeling scared about engaging in large crowds. If there is any other reassertion needed just listen to Toronto’s King of Clubs, Charles Khabouth who admitted himself that “Nightclubs are done … until a vaccine is found”, and I am sure many executives in the live space can echo that sentiment.

Michael Rapino gave insights into when the live event economy will open and what it…

From about 86–98 the Sonic Youth was on a roll. Evol, Sister, Daydream, Goo, and so on, by you now you probably know the line up of records that came after. Truthfully, more than enough has been said about those albums, and in my opinion, not enough has been said about the later period in the band's discography.

The 2000s brought in a new look for alt-rock. Labels were trying to create their own success stories with Nirvana clones and pop-punk bands. Meanwhile, Sonic Youth was still signed to DGC, but they were far enough along in the industry to…

Greg Blackmore

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